konnect delivery model

  Our Unique Approach to Delivering the Best

The Konnect strategy is built on a universal process of business analysis, charting of accounts, processing, quality assurance, reporting, and analytics. Using this six-step rule, we create a pattern of routine towards holistic business and financial solutions.

Various forms of delivery models are employed based on the customer requirements.

konnect approach

Our unique delivery methods allow us to work with our customers closely, beginning with Pilot to final Milestone of the project. Most of our projects are on Time and Material, where time tracking becomes very important. We use advanced automation & tracking systems to ensure that processing is seamless and on time.http://konnectconsultancy.com


Why choose us

Expertise On Back Office Support

Our focused strategies on outsourcing functions enable you to hire a virtual company to become a part of your group. Choice among various solutions that fulfill your requirements and your financial capabilities. Topnotch personalized business services is what you get with Konnect.

Multi-Industry Expertise

No business is built the same. With our years of expertise handling different projects in varying fields, Konnect resources are confident in providing focused, industry-specific solutions. At the heart of our operation lies data-driven analyses. From bookkeeping services for restaurants and hotels, to developing web-based applications for a small retail chain, to automating direct sales for a large corporation, Konnect is able to create simple, relatable, and innovative solutions for businesses big and small.

Technology Competence

With our efficient processes stand technology. Using industry-approved tools such as Sage and Quick Books, Konnect allows you to interact with your books in real-time as we work through them. Don’t worry about not having your requirements on the list. Konnect’s IT specialist are renowned for converting complicated manual tasks into automated, software functions. Become empowered with tools created specifically for your needs. With Konnect, you can create your dream software with real programmers.

Client Centric

Our core principle is customer satisfaction. We believe that every project is not only a task but a journey, especially for you. With Konnect, you can experience committed, qualified, and proactive assistance, from Pilot to Final Delivery. Our accountants are trained to understand the language of the customer, while proper planning for each project allows for efficient deliveries.

Customer Differentiation

Konnect treats each case as an individual case. At your disposal will be topnotch business analysts and accountants crunching the numbers and turning them into data. Your problem equals your exclusive solutions. We start by creating a consultative relationship with you. Open communication regarding your needs and resources enable us to create solutions tailored exactly for you.

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Disclaimer: The rates quoted on the website are a starting rate only. The Quotation finally submitted might vary from customer to customer based on the complexity of the project.