Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Konnect has been catering to the Payroll Processing function since the last two years now. A related function to Finance and Accounting Outsourcing, the Outsourcing engagement will reduce your cost of operation by 40-50% thereby increasing profitability.

Client (Software Interface)

We allow your employees to use the Employee Self Service Portal to:

  • Clock in & Clock Off
  • Apply for leaves
  • Request for Reimbursements
  • Fill up their IT declaration forms
  • Generate Payslips

Client (CEO, Manager Interface)

While you as a Manager or a CEO of a company gather information about:

  • Real time attendance
  • Compensation paid every month
  • Salary Approvals every Paycycle
  • Salary Structure information

& a host of reports on request. These reports are presented in a highly graphical manner for ease of decision making.

Konnect’s Payroll Services- with Workrig

Konnect has now introduced, Managed Payroll Services for the Indian customers. The service is offered using its state of the art, web based software that not only allows Employees to Print Payslips but also allows them to clock in and clock off. The system eases the overall monitoring of employee activity and encourages punctuality and seriousness at work. Workrig HCM

  • Real time Dashboard and Report
  • Employee Self Service, with respect to web-clock in and clock off
  • Leave Management & Administration
  • Up-to-date management of payroll related information
  • Pay Slip Management with one click pay slip generation
  • Resource information, with a micro Human Capital Management Module, Periodical and regular payroll reports
  • Customized and automated Web based Payroll administration services
  • Efficient process defined payroll administration
  • Management Payroll tax return services

With Workrig, an end-to-end Payroll processing software, Konnect offers to manage, streamline and provide powerful tools that promise to improve resource management, at the same to time process Payroll and Tax keeping in mind all the Statutory Compliances required for each Financial Year. Below is how it works.

KCS (We) Process information, including Payroll, Declaration Inputs, your change in salary structure and present you with reports or information just required for your day to day operations. We try not to overburden you with information, instead provide you with the information that is the need of the hour.

  • Payroll & Compensation Reports
  • Workforce Reports
  • Standard Accounting Reports, customized to your requirements

KCS Statutory Compliances

  • Provident Fund- Annual Statements and Challans
  • ESIC- Statement & Challans
  • TDS- Statements and Challans
  • Release of Form 16

While you leave all other statutory requirements, to be fulfilled and taken care by functional consultants, at Konnect Consultancy (KCS). The Service is offered across India, and you could get in touch with us using the form on the right hand side or write to us at

Our Other Services Include

  • Processing and delivery Payroll reports
  • Payroll tax returns Quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Indian Tax Compliance & Australian Tax Compliance services
  • Generation & submission of Form 16 for employees
  • 940s and 941s W2 and W4 reporting
  • Analysis of Portfolio structures
  • Employee insurance deductions Time and attendance system
  • Filing Direct deposit payments with paperless payroll options.

Why to Outsource?

  • Reduce tedious administrative and routine responsibilities- Thereby enables you to concentrate on your primary objectives required for the growth of your company
  • Increase Efficiency in tax returns: Outsourcing payroll process to back office service Konnect means shared work load like filing tax returns that can be managed efficiently.
  • Effective Processing Time: A favorable time difference between India and US/ UK and European countries is useful especially during peak work-load seasons. At Konnects Outsourcing division we work while you sleep, this enables faster work completion.

Konnect uses the following Payroll processing Software’s

Following Software’s are used to ensure that we provide our payroll processing customers with fast and accurate services:

  • Quickbooks (Intuit)
  • Payroll PayCycle
  • MYOB Pyroll
  • PayChex Deltek
  • ADP Accountix
  • Workrin ( for India

These softwares are not only enablers but can also be integrated with Workrig- Payroll and Human Capital Management software to provide you with Intuitive Dashboards and Real Time Reports, for instant decision making and updates.

For more information on Workrig, access

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