Aqua sprout LLC is the Solely Owned LLC which is Owned & run by Jack Ikard. The Company is into Home & Garden Equipment and Appliance Repair & Maintenance Industry. The company is engaged in selling the products related to gardening such as Garden kit, Plants & seeds, lighting options, Aquarium, etc. Mostly the products are sold online through ecommerce portal such as Shopify, Amazon, Etsy.


  • The materials and products used were huge and required a careful management but Inventory required quite a bit of administration to bring more efficiency.

  • The product tagging and mapping were inadequate resulting to improper closing balances and COGS.

  • Huge transactions through various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy & Wholesale required correct classification of invoices and accordingly booking the sales.

  • Reporting standards required fair concentration to give out appropriate reflection of the accounts, profitability and related information.

  • With huge transactions and different types of activities involved in daily operations, the company had a challenge to evaluate, direct and monitor.


  • Understood their accounting practices and standardized their inventory recording processes.

  • Classified and re-categorized the complete set of products so as to ensure that all the products are figured out and rightfully addressed.

  • Inventory and Non inventory were properly segregated and appropriately tagged so as to ensure the correct recording and reflection in the books of accounts and hence the correct financial reporting.

  • The invoice booking and booking of sales was distributed channel wise so as to provide the individual reporting on the turnover channel wise and subsequently the weightage on cumulative sales.

  • The related so expenses based out of number of channels were distinguished and were fairy recorded as COGS and COS so as to derive the profitability channel wise.

  • Data analysis and financial modeling in addition gave an understanding on the complete work how leading to promptness in profitability and effective decision making.


  • Promptness in reflection of transactional activities and effective business decision.
  • Appropriate bookkeeping and true reflection of financial information throughout.

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