Customer Order Processing

Customer Order Processing

Customer Order Processing

Konnect provides the back-office support that you were looking for your customer and sales ordering processes offshore. Taking the burden with efficiency and effectiveness in managing and running these operations. With Konnect Technologies, we have brought together an effective mix of technology and an optimized business processes.

Manual Journal Entry

The procedure of entering journal transactions into general ledgers from manually prepared journal entries is known as manual journal entry. If manual journal entries processing are done by people without expertise, more errors can occur. On the other hand, if general ledger accounting or manual journal entries are undertaken by professionals,
there can be a reduction in the number of errors.

Manual Processing- Team Structure

Manual journal entry processing requires several specialists at different stages of the manual journal entry process. At Konnect, we have a team of specialists at each stage of the manual journal entries process.

General ledger accounting specialists

The general ledger accounting specialists at Konnect have the following responsibilities:
  • Entering journal entry transactions into general ledgers Approving all journal entries
  • Ensuring that all journal entries that are entered into the general ledger reflect the standard accounting practices.

General ledger accounting managers

  • Ensuring that all journal entries are complete
  • Ensuring that a record of all journal entries to the general ledger is maintained

Apart from general ledger accounting specialists and general ledger accounting managers we also have general ledger accountants and administrators who are a part of our manual journal entries team.

Manual journal entry processing is a service that requires both expertise and experience. If you require error-free manual journal entry services, a simple solution would be to outsource your services to an experienced service provider like Konnect Consultancy Services. Outsourcing Accounting Services like manual journal entries can result in error-free manual journal entries and can also help to improve the productivity of your business managers.

Our team of manual journal entry professionals have years of experience and expertise in the field of general accounting. By outsourcing to Konnect, you can be assured of accurate services. Our manual journal entry professionals are highly proficient in the general procedure of manual journal entries. They can quickly adapt to your systems and procedures if any. Our professionals are adept at quick data entry are trained to spot errors.

Invoice Processing: Invoice processing is a crucial task in your business, be it your B2B or B2C orientation. Your invoice processing implicates professionalism and a improved culture.- if your invoice amount is not correct, then you might land up with an average impression It is very important to measure issues like volume of invoices very month, the time taken to process them, the people involved and other similar issues to ensure a high customer satisfaction score.

Process for Purchase Invoice: Konnect receives your invoices and checks the data to ensure that it is accurate, imports the data into your accounts payable system by using a file transfer protocol (we supports multiple accounts payable file formats, including XML).

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