As mainland Costs increase, more and more CPA’s, Accountants and Companies are opting to outsource tax preparation services to help minimize overheads. Konnect, has identified the requirement, and has extended its Accounting Services to the International market, with Proven expertise, with a number of Client’s both in the US and other Global countries (UK included), we have created a niche in the segment of the market.

With CA’s and proficient Accountants forming the middle management, we provide customized tax preparation and tax processing services by using the best industry tax software like Drakes Lacerte, Turbo Tax, Ultra Tax or any tax software of your choice. We keep abreast of the latest legal amendments & implications.

Why Outsource – taxation?

Cost-effective solution: Our Solution utilizes secure FTP technology, to move source document information from customers to our tax processing facilities in India.
Konnect, has under its belt considerable experience in US tax preparation and reporting. In addition, we use some of the most renowned & popular tax softwares and technology at work. We work with tax consultants/ CPA’s based out of the US who provide onsite support for clients.

Our synchronous training & development ensures that our resources are up to date with the latest technology, software and workflow used in the industry, thereby ensuring top notch deliverables.

Tax Services we offer:

  • Individual & Joint Returns
  • Corporate & Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • State & Federal Returns
  • Information Returns Form 1099 (Other than Salary Income)

Federal Tax Return preparation services:

IndividualCorporationsPartnershipsFiduciaries Non-Profits Estate & Gift Tax
 Form 1040 Form 1120 Form 1065 Form 1041 Form 990 Form 706
 Form 1040A Form 1120S K1-Worksheets
Form 1040EZ Form K
Form 1040X
Form 1040NR

Other Tax Services

Beside US we are also providing services for AUS /UK/Zimbabwe:

  • LSL Returns AU (All states)
  • Superannuation AU
  • BAS-AU
  • Value added Tax-UK/Zimbabwe
  • Sales Tax-UK

We help our clients in preparation of various kinds of tax statements & tax returns to comply with the tax norm of the countries.

Our Valuable Clients

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